So many sites I'm being told I need to use for Marketing Automation... How do I know what tools to use and how to make them work together?

You don't need to. Let our team identify the parts and pieces that are needed to give you the outcome you've been trying to put together. You deliver the VISION... we will deliver the SOLUTION!

"I've spent months trying to make all of the other tools in my tech stack play nicely together. One deep dive and 3 weeks later... My onboarding team at Moku literally configured what I had been trying to assemble through 8 other platforms into one happy home."

Knowing what you want your system to DO is incredibly liberating... Systems and Automations built around your Process enable you to truly scale!

But There's a Problem...

  • Most businesses don't have a clear vision

  • Most founders get distracted with shiny new tools and platforms and never finish setting them up

  • Zaps, API's, Webhooks and general passing of data... all of those words scare me!
  • How do I train a Virtual Assistant to help if I don't even know what to do?

  • Im not gonna lie... my processes aren't totally defined yet

  • There are SO many tools that do similar things... picking the right combo can be a real challenge!

Moku Process Engineers have helped dozens of companies who feel like you do! Book a time to see a demo of what the Moku platform can do to systematize and simplify an otherwise confusing workflow!

All the Processes, People, and Tools in One Place!

Our Plan for Setting up Your Tools


Deep Dive

Interview with a Process Engineer...

Let's understand what the perfect workflow looks like for you!

We also want to know the ideal Client Journey.


Delegate FOR You

Let our Engineers setup the right pieces to implement your strategy.

NO need for you to spend late nights talking to the fulfillment team... Your Engineer will handle all the back and forth!



As we begin to see the Tools start to work... We review the process, make adjustments, and align the workflows to match the vision of an appropriate speed of growth.

Moku "Done For You" Services Takes Away The Stress Of Getting Your Voice Out There

Check out the list of done for you services listed under "Solutions" in the top menu

All Moku services include access to Trainings and Membership to our Exclusive Community where you can collaborate with other leaders trying to grow their operations!

Mission Statement: We strive to understand our customers vision, and incorporate the right combination of People and Processes and Tools to accomplish their goals


What does it mean to Moku? Its a little different for everyone! We provide: People, Processes, and Tools to companies trying to operate through growth phases. Moku is a part of the Mokuteki Series of BPO Companies known as Moku

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